First of the weekly posts

Y’all the look on my face right now is annoyance personified.  All the good energy that manifested in the front half of the prompts is disappearing.  The last month or so is clearly written for dyanamics that “traditional” and “codified” whereas those have never reflected my experience and don’t necessarily reflect my desires going forward.  So here we go because I can’t see logging in daily and doing these:

Prompt for today: shortened–Do you find pleasure in everyday tasks especially if they are for your partner?  I don’t like doing anything everyday except eating.  I don’t like going to work or cooking or watching television daily.  I might enjoy doing things daily if that’s all I had to do but my life is hectic, job is stressful and I am always trying to do 17K things.  I’d be doing good to get to sleep on time and go from there.  The rare times I have done things specifically for a partner I was only excited if they were excited but otherwise it was not a fulfilling experience.  Things just need to get done.

Prompt for Monday: Do you have a ritual where you worship your Dominant in any respect? Nope and I don’t know how I would have felt about one being introduced in the past.  I just had a strong visceral reaction to the question so I’m guessing I would have struggled with it initially and if it had been proposed by the wrong person then I would have probably just said hell no and kept it pushing.

Prompt for Tuesday: shortened–Describe your morning routine and can you do anything to make it easier?  I wake up, head the bathroom, play a few games to wake up and then shower and head to the office within 20 minutes of my first appointment of the day.  I rarely get there earlier because I like my bed.  I rarely get there later because I like my paycheck.  I have nothing to do related to submission or anything else.

Prompt for Wednesday: shortened–Why have contracts, do you have one or would you, pros and cons?  I think the establish boundaries and expectations in a relationship which is good if they can be renegotiated as things shift but bad if they allow for no flexibility.  I have not had one.  Not sure if there would be a good time for one unless we were not trying to have a fully fleshed out dynamic.  If it was for a scene or a short bit of mentoring great but contracts have felt stifling with respect to full relationships.

Prompt for Thursday: Complete this sentence and then keep writing, “I spend too much time on worrying about bills.”  They get paid and I have money leftover but I hate feeling like things are out of control with respect to that.  It irks my nerves and patience.

Prompt for Friday: Write the first five words that come to mind when you think about being a domestic servant for your partner?  Nope, hell, naw, miss, me.  Again I think this is written for a very specific kind of dynamic.  I work into the evenings several nights a week.  On the days I am not doing that nothing in my brain says yep let me take care of this grown ass person when I need to rest, take care of the house, cook, or something else.  Just nothing at all.

Prompt for Saturday: shortened–What skills do you have in your service arsenal and what would you recommend to others?  If I had literally nothing else to do I am an amazing cook and baker.  I make things easily and tweak them as I need to based on what worked and what did not.  But see the previous questions about my thoughts on domestic servitude. 

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