You know that’s not quite right

Prompt: What do you think is the biggest misconception from the outside world regarding BDSM?  I am not sure there is one primary one.  The two that come to mind the most readily is that people in BDSM are broken in some profound way and that everyone is just into kinky sex without regards to the power dynamics that are in play for a lot of us.  There are broken people everywhere and there are not more of them in BDSM.  It’s just when they make the news it highlights the bad behavior of someone who was a predator and found a home in the community that welcomes in exiles.  Just like other communities though we are annoyed, embarrassed, angry and want the person punished not to have to explain that they were not representative of the rest of the community.  I do have kinky sex but I have kinky sex with people that I choose to surrender control to as part of our relationship dynamic.  I don’t want to be in charge, to lead, to fuss or to do anything other than submit to the will of my chosen partner.  I rarely have kinky sex these days because I’m single.  No preferred penis, no submissive stance, no kinky sex.  And the surrender has to happen outside of the bedroom in order for it to be even slightly enjoyable.

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