just use the force

Prompt for today: Are there areas that you have pushed yourself to explore?  Are there areas you want to explore but need someone to make you?  Related to submission, I think the only area that I “forced” myself to explore was polyamory.  Forced is a strong word here.  I was in a situation where I had two different Dominant options that presented different opportunities and I wanted to explore what that would look like.  Turns out it looked confusing and not viable but not because it was a bad idea necessarily but because we couldn’t accomplish the first thing with open communication among all parties.  I think force won’t work on me as much as coercion.  Not in the if you don’t do x I’ll punish you or abandon you or what have you kind of sense.  More so in the questioning, listening, coaxing and then encouraging kind of way.  That has worked amazingly well.

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