y’all it’s been a lot lol

the last few days i legit have just come home, cooked, did some work and passed the fuck out.  my bad for not posting but yeah that routine did not say sit up and boot up the computer.  let me just say these are a series of WTF prompts for me.  i know that some people have done, would do, any of these things willingly.  i also know that at one point i contemplated the prompt for today but i don’t think it would have the effect now that it may have had when i fantasized about it a billion years ago.  gonna try to answer these without just turning off the computer and saying nope.

prompt for monday: how would you train someone else to serve your dominant if you were asked to do so? probably not, i’m not trained and it would be a whole lot of stumbling around and frustration.  plus if he wants her trained i’m not doing that cause i’m gonna be in my feelings.  sharing won’t work for me unless i’m secure and thus far security has not been in play.

prompt for yesterday: would you ever go through some training with a dominant that was not you own? what for? not sure and not sure.  training seems to be grating on my hypothetical nerves right now so i’m not sure what it would be for or why i would do it.

prompt for today: do you spend time in a cage or confined area?  how does it make you feel? why are you placed there? nope and think one of two things would happen right now if it was attempted.  i’d fall asleep because i’m just too tired to deal with the fuckery OR i’d be anxious as fuck and wig out. 

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