friday fun

Prompt for yesterday: What has been the most difficult hurdle to cross?  I have no idea what to say here.  It doesn’t feel D/s centric but in that sense I think the most difficult thing to handle is dealing with not having the person you want be your person anymore.  That sucks and it isn’t fun to experience but there’s no way to adjust that so I just let time run and attempt to feel better.

Prompt for today: Are you a social person? What would you do if your Dominant wished you not to socialize? Would you be able to obey their wishes comfortably, or would you feel the request was unnatural for you?  This question was longer than my thoughts on it.  I’m not super social so staying home and not hanging out wouldn’t hurt my feelings or change my life much.  If it is social at work well I can’t do my job to some extent so that won’t work.

i thought last night as i wasn’t typing this about the rain.  if you’ve been around a minute then you know the rain was very important to me and RS a million years ago.  rain made me miss him and want him in equal doses.  turns out that’s a fetish of sorts, i can achieve orgasm without it clearly but a good orgasm during a good storm is a thing of beauty.  that’s called ombrophilia.  completely different than the kind of watery based activity that the Dutchman sparked interest in later.  that is definitely not called ombrophilia.  it’s urophilia or urolangia if we wanna be technically but piss play works as well.  i’m just sharing this randomly because yeah i can.

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