I appreciate the lack of April Fools Jokes this year

Prompt for today: What do you do to define your work mindset from your submissive one?  Or something like that.  My work mindset has to be damn near polar opposite my submissive mindset.  If I sit back and let other people handle things, a lot of things will never get accomplished.  I have to be as in charge as my role will allow me and then I have to tackle as much as I can week in and week out.  When I submit, I don’t really want to think about what I’m wearing let alone anything else.  There have been moments where that happened yes but they weren’t consistent because most of the time my Dominant partners have had enough on their plate so that micromanaging me was not an option really.  It’s what I’d desire though.

And as the title says, I’m good on the lack of April Fool’s jokes this year and really probably forever.  They aren’t usually very funny and can be kinda hurtful.  I really just want to relax and mind my business.

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