Rebooting because that’s what I do

Prompt for today: How did you discover your triggers? Did you have obvious things in your life or past that made you aware of possible triggers?

So I may not have a good answer to any of this.  I don’t have triggers in the sense that if X happens Y will occur.  What I have is adjustment or not to patterns.  I am anxious sometimes about communication changes or insecurity but I can’t tell you there’s an X for those things.  Being a dark skinned woman who is not a size two with long flowing hair then I certainly was made to feel some kind of way.  Once someone gets me comfortable, I’m a great big happy baby.  But I’m slow to get comfy with most people because people lie and because I’m a pile of mush when I’m a great big happy baby.

Beyond that I’m gonna work on a vision board now that two things I needed to get through are done.  I’m opting to say what I need in a new way that neither infringes on anyone’s good time or stymies me.  I’m happy.  Let me go check on dinner.

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