Tired tired tired and then a little bit more tired

Grown up life is a weird constant flex of relaxing and self care and then the fuck am I so tired for shit.  I’m feeling okay outside of tired.  So I won’t belabor the point or this post for now.  I may come back and edit or I may get shit faced and go to bed.

Prompt for the day: Has your D/s relationship ever crossed into the realm of abuse or domestic violence?  Not not at all.  Not close.  Never been afraid of anything terribly violent or problematic happening in 99.8 of my dynamics.  That 0.2 percent is more imagined hostility upon breakup than it was anything that may have actually happened.  I’m gonna say may because that was the one ex I hadn’t made peace with post break up and we didn’t have a ton of folks in common who would told me that he was being an ass.  So yeah nope none of that fear or reality.

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