Just made a yuck face at this prompt

Had a guest today to actually fix one of the thing with the new house. Still waiting on the other 90 little things and the visit from the main office dude. We’ll see how that goes.  I had been considering undergoing some hypnosis to move beyond some mental blocks but I’m not sure if I need to do that anymore.  I’m finally, I think, at the resolution stage.  I did what I wanted to do.  It went the way I assumed it would go.  That’s it, the end.  I don’t have to forget that they were pivotal and crucial to my submissive development.  But I don’t have to stay stymied in those emotions indefinitely.  Music has definitely been helping as has writing and acknowledging that this is what I do.  I kind of flail around when it’s finally over because I don’t want to let go of what made me feel happy and safe even though it’s long since stopped doing that.  I think I may have been holding on longer here too because of Mr. Wolf dying suddenly.  That relationship wasn’t unresolved for me but it triggered a bit of an emotional tailspin for the other dynamic that in my mind and heart was not fully extinguished.  It is now, that’s fine.  Not what I wanted but it is where we are.  And I can’t say I wanted it for the best reasons.  I just wanted it to be present and real for me again.  It’s not, it won’t, and it seems like it’s time to move on.  Up for new changes.

Prompt for today: What personal hygiene acts do you perform as service for your Dominant?  If you mean grooming him literally none because why.  Now if we are together and up and about at the same time then I may bathe them when we shower but with the expectation that it will likely be returned and derail the whole point of the shower in the first place.  I may apply lotion or moisturizer if they need it and request it and I’m always down to give a good massage.  But as a general rule no I don’t perform any hygiene acts for my Dominant.  In terms of myself, I’ll do whatever they ask but usually all that’s asked is that I’m pliable and obedient when they arrive.  I will likely do some grooming depending on who it is and what they like but also may not unless it’s requested.

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