These Winter Storms Have Interesting Names

So tomorrow is bill paying day and that’s when it will get done.  I hate paying bills early like for real.  These storms have been ridiculous lately.  I’m fine with a cold snap but random snow and ice is not the business.  The names have been intriguing lol.  I did some shopping to make dinner tomorrow forgetting about Landon’s petty ass and it was like a normal pre pandemic storm nutty shopping experience.  Two stores later and I got all I needed to get through the dinner preparation and random things for mom and some more bread and lunch meat for both of us.  I really could be sleeping right now but yeah that hasn’t happened yet.  I will shortly pass out I’m sure or at least I hope so.

Prompt for today: What pet names does your partner have for you, and do you respond differently to different forms of address?  Since I’m single this hasn’t come up lately.  I’ve been little girl, babygirl, cunt and red/harley over the last two decades.  In most of those cases I didn’t respond differently because it just became my name but initially it would make me smile and giggle a little.  Made me feel all tingly inside which is great in the moment for sure.  I miss it a bit more than I thought I would now but short of GN I don’t or can’t talk to any of the people that made me blush and feel owned.

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