the world is big wonderful and scary

i’ll get to the prompts in a second.  i know i missed one yesterday but i really just forgot about it.  i went to bed after hearing the news that russia opted to be asshats and that the rest of the world had little resources to help defend the target of russian aggression.  let me restate that, they have resources but for lots of reasons they won’t be intervening directly if they don’t have to.  between that, the random court hearings, state legislatures just being domestic asshats, and universities using their faculty as human crash test dummies, i am just exhausted.

prompt for yesterday: what song or lyric reminds you of your relationship?  depends on the day and how i’m feeling but lots of songs remind me of my former dynamics.  off my mind by zhane. sucka for pain by a bunch of folks.  a variety of songs about saying good bye, always loving someone, enjoying the pain they inflict on you in however you want to interpret that.

prompt for today: what name or title do you have for your Dominant?  i’m not that fancy when i’m in a relationship, Sir or Daddy are my typical responses unless they request something else.

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