Still sore, still sleepy, still feeling the emotions and stuff

Can I just say I’m tired and really in need of a nap.  I’m glad I finished my running around today because there’s a ton of busy work the rest of the week and fresh hair do on Saturday provided the weather holds. Okay I’m out of words, sleepy time.

Prompt for today: How do you ask for forgiveness from your Dominant?  This rarely came up if I’m being honest but typically I’d say that I was wrong, I was sorry and I hope that they would forgive me.  There was no reason to make a big production of it and I didn’t want to be a jackass either so I would just be honest and hope for the best.  It took the stress out of most of it if I did it soon after I figured out I was messing things up.  Most of my apologies were about my insecurity flaring up if I’m being honest though.

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