Two for the Road

Prompt for Saturday: If you aren’t currently involved in a power exchange dynamic, how do you see it developing in your life?  If you are currently involved in a dynamic, how did you incorporate the new responsibilities int your existing life ones?  So I’m not sure about how it will develop in my life.  I stay busy.  I have little room to be in a position to meet anyone let alone get over my normal weirdness to be claimed.  I would like it to though.  I miss being with someone in that way.  I miss dominance in my life and the ways in which I found support in it.  I hope that as the pandemic ends–whenever the hell that is–that I can take some time for myself again and go find some time to at least scene again if nothing else.

Prompt for Sunday: Is there something (a type of play, an act of service, a rule, or requirement) that you don’t enjoy but submit to anyway?  I’m gonna say no.  If I really don’t enjoy I won’t do it without speaking to my Dominant to see if we can change it up in some way.  When I was with the Dutchman he asked me to do something that I was not down with but was curious about.  It took me way longer than I care to admit to finally do it and do it in a way that I could tolerate mentally.  This was my introduction to water sports lol.  Once I did it I could see the appeal of it but it took much longer for me to actually enjoy it.  I also wasn’t totally cool with my Dominant partners making me orgasm from oral sex.  It didn’t feel terribly submissive in my brain.  A lengthy conversation and session with Mr. Wolf and the Dutchman (conversation) made it more about me being a vessel for them to enjoy themselves than about whether or not I was getting off as well.  I would but yeah that wasn’t the point lol.  Other than that I’ve negotiated tweaks to things so that I could do them more willingly. But as I recognized a few days ago, week maybe, the biggest difference was in the ways in which I was submitting to various partners made things different in terms of my behavior.  Being snatched into submission versus walking there when I wanted to is a different experience.

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