It’s Monday, my I have lots of work and no fun day

Ok I can’t say no fun but fun is definitely limited on Mondays.  I’m too tired to get into all of that today BUT here’s the prompt: Are you allowed to show your lust for your partner?  How do you approach your partner when you want sex?  Showing my lust for my partner was not only allowed but highly encouraged.  It really depended on the partner how I approached them.  With one I’d let my little side show, she giggled a lot and said naughty things to him.  He took the hint and would fuck me silly.  With another I’d ask him to rub something.  It would let me relax and I’d be ready for whatever.  With another, he just knew whatever was happening with me when he walked in the room so I never had to ask.  I’d kneel, wait for him to give me a command and then be in whatever position he wanted me as he made me blissful.  That’s never been an issue for me and those I served.

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