So my dumbass who is grieving must also get back on my self-care grind

I don’t want to belabor the point so I won’t.  I have lost and gained weight repeatedly over the last few years.  My comfy pants are no longer comfy and that’s a pain in the ass.  I bought something to help me work out at home but it was such a cluster to get that I haven’t done so since it arrived last week.  This is my last weekend of not tending to my diet and workout.  I’m not going to starve myself but I know how to cook well to take care of me and get this weight under control again.  Plus it should help with my mood, anger and sleep.

Prompt for today: Talk about the ways you’re different from your partner.  How did it impact your relationship with them?  I won’t cop out and say I’m single.  I’m usually much more reserved than my partners.  By that I mean I don’t like being out front and gaining attention from random folks.  I enjoy being in small circles with people I care about or who I share some commonality with but if I’m front and center I dislike it a whole whole lot.  I also tend to worry about things more than they do for the most part.  I think that’s mostly from nearly two decades of having to take care of mom with money being there or not randomly.  And I am usually more educated, not smarter necessarily, than my partners as I have several degrees and most of them have finished college at most.  It means that we see life differently, we have different interests usually and we have to learn how to fit together but that challenge makes me engage.  May also be why they ended because we are approaching the why of the relationships differently too.

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