in times of loss, i am quiet

i don’t have a lot of words right now so i’ll focus on the prompt: do the people in your life understand you well?  is there something you wish they knew about you that you’ve kept hidden so far?  conversely, is there anyone who understands you better than you know yourself?  in my current life not really.  i keep a lot close to the vest because unconstrained me is sometimes a hot mess but doesn’t want everyone hovering.  and i don’t want to talk about kink with my family.  i envy folks that do but that’s now how my family gets down so nope.  honestly, the person who knew/knows me best is the dutchman.  he understood how i ticked and what i would respond to much better than i ever did and he made me feel things i wasn’t sure even existed.  that didn’t mean he knew how to manage my vulnerable/needy side.  that one is a whirling dervish for most folks so can’t blame him for that. 

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