My sense of right and wrong is under assault constantly

I’m not as bad as my mother but if I reach out to you with a question of a pressing nature I expect you to respond within a few hours even if it’s to say I don’t know but will get back to you as soon as we can.  Or if you tell me that you will do ABC don’t surprise me by skipping a letter or in this case going all the way to the end of the alphabet ignoring everything you said you’d do prior to that.  That just pisses me off and makes me want to hit you which is a problem because hitting people randomly is apparently a bad thing.  Especially since the people you want to hit are RARELY the folks who created the issue in the first place.  They are low man on the totem pole usually and lashing out at them won’t do a bit of good.  It won’t even make you feel better because attacking folks that are just trying to do their jobs never feels good in the long run.  On a positive note, I’ve returned a bunch of shit this week because it didn’t work the way we hoped and got literally no push back.  Now if someone would just pick up this phone call before the office closes and I will be able to relax at least for tonight.

Prompt for today: If a submissive is released and then the Dominant wants them back, should they go back?  What considerations should there be for that scenario?  Interesting question.  I guess that depends on lots of factors.  Why was the submissive released?  How did the Dominant handle releasing the submissive?  Does the submissive want to return to a dynamic with the Dominant?  Most of my dynamics came to a mutual or acceptable end so this has never really come up for me.  Mr. Wolf has been the only person that felt a need to formally release me and I was more annoyed with his timing than the fact that the relationship ended.  I’ve spoken on that before so I won’t dump more details on you now but I will say that had he waited until things with my mother were stable and my promotion was in place I would have probably celebrated.  We were not well suited for a long term dynamic.  We wanted different things and I don’t know that we brought out the best in each other.  Regardless, because of how it was handle I would not have welcomed returning to a relationship/dynamic with him.  Now if it was just a matter of there are some things they both needed to address and are working on that to return to one another then sure if they have resolved those things go for it.  They still need to be aware of will there be concerns about trust, a future release, negotiation of how to handle conflict in the future so it doesn’t get to the release stage would probably be good as well.  If they both see room to grow and nurture a new relationship then have big fun.  If there’s just a reaching out because the Dominant doesn’t want to see the submissive with someone else or because the submissive is afraid they won’t find someone else then that’s probably not healthy and will likely be ending badly.

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