It’s been a low key day

After either going to bed to or waking up to news that Novak is out of the Aussie Open, the final nail in the do I give a fuck about the first major of the year was hammered into place.  Venus and Serena are at home.  Even though he bugs me, so is Roger.  The potential Novak Nadal replay was the only really interesting storyline in play and it’s gone.  And don’t get me wrong, I really wish he’d just get vaccinated with one of the vaccines that everyone knows to be safe and effective.  But in lieu of him doing that this whole Aussie Open exemption but wait we didn’t really mean it thing was nonsense.  Especially as we learned that other players and team members were already in Australia under similar exemptions.  Ahh well.  I will root for Monfils and his wife who both won today along with Sakkari and Frances and maybe Felix.  Madison has to make it out of the first round and I don’t care who wins between Sloane and Emma.  Ideally both could lose but that won’t happen.  And oh Leylah is playing so I guess she gets some love too.  But in general I won’t be up late watching the matches. 

Prompt for the day is: How does your Dominant discipline you?  Well single so he doesn’t now but in general I stay out of trouble so I can’t recall getting disciplined often if at all.  And if so the things they would do I would like so that’s not a terribly effective punishment.  Maybe I should work on that with the next partner.

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