Best Laid Plans, who the fuck am I kidding

So my plan for today was to get up and reboot.  However, my overstressed last few weeks finally caught up to me yesterday and I had a flair up with my autoimmune situation.  The antibiotics kicked my ass and my body just derailed.  On the upside, not terribly hungry so not overeating.  Downside, I’m really fucking tired right now and have been napping on and off.

Prompt for today: What is your understanding of Topping from the Bottom?   I started this hours ago and then I took a nap and my mom came to hang out so here ya go.  My understanding of this is how a sub/bottom/brat whatever it is finds a way to manipulate their Dom/Top/Whatever is opposite of brat into whatever direction or actions they want without being obvious about it.  It’s manipulative to me and with a dominant partner who may not be as sure of themselves it seems like it could happen more often.  I think of given ultimatums or making the Dominant partner upset mid scene so they lose their cool and are more aggressive or inflict more pain than they were planning.  Or challenging them on something that provokes a certain response.  This seems like it could go awry quickly and isn’t worth it really.  Just find someone that fits you better.

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