Because snow on a Monday is on trend

Still feeling cruddy and it’s snowing and cold.  Boo.

Prompt for today: What is your most favorite part of your Dominant’s body? Do you pay special attention to it? How would you feel about having to worship their body part as a part of your service?  I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about a favorite body part.  In a very esoteric way, I would say brain because it’s the part that keeps me in check and happy.  Can’t really worship that without making his actual head larger than it needs to be.  So secondary to that would be his hands.  I love them stroking my face and choking my neck and doing other random shit with them.  Tying me up is good too.  I think I’d be fine worshiping hands if I needed to do so.  Not sure what he’d make me do but I’m probably okay with it.

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