Tis the Weekend: Two Posts

I didn’t write last night mostly because I didn’t want to do so.  I got my hair done–that was amazing.  I got it put in the style I wanted–even better.  I made two different dinners so I didn’t have to tone down what I wanted and could let mom have something she wanted.  I watched cheesy movies and I rested after I played games.  Like it was a good evening all things considered.  This was after a night of crazy winds and uprooted trees.  We did get missed by the tornadoes which I appreciate and we didn’t lose power or anything else.  Spotty wifi is standard but that was the worst of it.   I’m inching closer to another birthday as well so there’s that.  All in all things are okay.

Saturday Prompt: Do you consider yourself proactive, reactive or a blend of the two?  I am a planner so I like to be proactive.  It helps control some factors if I have envisioned at least a few alternatives as being possible before I attack a situation.  I think of best case, worse case, most likely case as much as I can and adjust what I need to do or want to do as a result.  In some cases, I am the best version of me when I have the time to be proactive.  I can be reactive but that’s more with people that are important to me and who can influence some of my emotional response.  Even when I knew what the Dutchman was likely going to do in reaction to something I said/wrote/asked about, I was still sometimes I was thrown off by how it felt to be right.  And by thrown off I mean I was gutted but not a lot I can do about that now.  I should have guarded myself better I guess. 

Sunday Prompt: What wisdom would you like to share with others? I’m not sure that this is wisdom.  Just take care of yourself.  Protect your peace as it were.  People cannot hurt you if you recognize that sometimes their motivations are not the same as yours.  We enter into relationships and friendships thinking people behave like we do and that is rarely the case.  Give what you can afford to lose which is never your whole being.  If you find yourself in a spot that feels overwhelming and you feel broken, take note of that, give yourself time to heal and then get back at it.

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