So Google Analytics Kinda Sucks

The new GA was supposed to be some magical bit of data but it never agrees with the old GA.  I never know which one is correct so if you’re still reading this great.  If you aren’t I won’t know.  The read count keeps rising even though there have allegedly been no visitors.  Today’s prompt should have a short reply: Are you monogamous, polyamorous, or have an open relationship?

I am single so I am celibate.  Throughout most of my relationships I’ve been monogamous.  Or at least monagamous esque.  My preference is to be with one partner at a time.  If we invite someone else into the dynamic sexually that’s cool but one primary partner and I don’t seek out extra people.  You know, if you’ve been here for a while, that my last relationships were poly because both of my Dominant partners wanted poly situations.  That whole situation wasn’t the right fit for me, not because it was poly but because the main things I needed to transpire was us all be out in the open about things and that was not taking place.  I don’t have anything against poly relationships but I need to enter into them in a more open and honest communication plan. I don’t know if I could do a flat out open relationship because my insecurity would probably get the best of me.

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