I somehow injured myself in my sleep…again

I really don’t know how but I jacked up my foot overnight.  I limped around all day today but not sure if I can pull that off all day tomorrow.  I may do my early meetings and head home.  We’ll see when I wake up.  I may just have to Zoom in and go to bed.  This may be short depending on the prompt and yep my recap post is late again.  But since the painkillers have not kicked in I’m not about to gut through the post.

Are you active in groups or communities with others in a similar lifestyle? Do you prefer to focus on your dynamic or to socialize and be involved with others?  Ideally, I’d love to be active in communities.  But right now I’m having to recreate those connections.  Dark Connections was my spot and it migrated and thrived for a while on Fetlife but now those folks have largely stepped away from the board.  Additionally, what used to feel more inclusive and bonded by our shared kink has started to mimic real life and the grossness on other social media platforms is there.  And ideally I’d like to be able to focus on my dynamic and socialize but if I only had one it would be the dynamic more than likely.  My good friends are still there regardless.

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