time for a change

At least this one is planned and anticipated.  I spent some time today starting to work through my old clothes.  I still have a ton to do but I had been putting it off.  We’re going to be moving soon and it’s time to leave some of these things behind.  Another t-shirt quilt may be in the offing.  Some clothes will make their way to the donation bin.  I’m looking at other things, old books and old tech that will probably just be trashed.  The one thing about being in one place for a while is you accumulate things.  As a younger person, I was holding on to things just in case and really they were great for memories when I touched them.  But most of these things are tucked away for months or years at a time and it doesn’t help me to hold on to them.  I want to take as little with me as humanly possible.  I want to add things to this new home that fits that space and not cram what we have been carrying along with us for 20 plus years and making it fit into the new space.  That doesn’t mean everything will be abandoned but in order to build a space that makes sense for this phase of our lives.  Convincing my forever roommate of that is an ongoing process but it’s going to be necessary.  We need to see what life looks like with fresh energy and pieces that fit where we are going not where we have been.  I’m excited about each of us having our own space in this new home and a big backyard.  Gonna need to sage it and bless it but it’s a chance for growth in a space we chose because we wanted to not because we were pressed for time.  I’m feeling like that in other parts of my life as well.  I’m enjoying the pull back approach.  I’ll find the right person at the right time.  Until then, I’ll enjoy flirting a bit and killing kittens when I need to (umm please read my blog before you think I’m a weirdo murdering kittens.  It’s an ongoing joke).

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