Late night thoughts

 I should be asleep but I took a nap earlier so I am just now getting tired. I needed that nap but dang I hate being awake with no one to talk to. And this didn’t feel like an orgasm will make me sleepy night. I have had a few of those lately. Thanks to pornhub for providing button buzzing material. It’s made me think a lot about trying to fall asleep with someone sucking on my pussy.  I like the thought but there’s no one around to make it reality. Plus I enjoy oral sex but I like being on the giving end more than the receiving end. It was actually how former partners threatened to pull submission from me. Making me cum against my will. It worked well and I was much better behaved because there’s a point where I don’t want to be the target of pleasure. Really right now I would like a snuggle quickie. Hard and fast then off to sleep. 

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