je suis fatigue, ich bin mude, ik ben moe, i am tired

if you can only read one of those languages they all translate to the same thing.  i am tired.  i have been tired  the whole month.  my fault for having too much to do, not enough time to do it and squeezing in a visit to see my family right before a big personal anniversary as well.  there has been a lot of loss recently too which is also taking a toll and i’m not sure i will be able to start playing catch up with any of this before next month.  what i’d like is some cuddle time watching a movie after i make dinner with the selected cuddle victim, maybe a good spanking or breath play, and then some sleep.  i’m not even terribly horny which is how i understand i’m very tired.  that plus that horny switch can just be decimated for me if i’m not intellectually engaged with someone.  a vacation might help but i think i’m back where i was a few days ago in that skin hunger phase.  i miss connection and it makes me tired.

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