last year was complicated part two

my last post was all about relationships this will be about work.  long and short of it, it was a mixed bag.  one of the highlights of the year, my international trip, literally had me ready to quit and i cussed out at least three folks out about how it all went down when we got back.  like i legit started applying for new jobs and have gotten more interviews than i thought i might and there’s a job in the pocket if they keep tap dancing on my nerves.  i don’t feel bad about that at all by the way.  working with folks that work on your spirit badly is not great. 

other than that i’m crushing work.  i did get the promotion that was held up longer than i thought it would be.  i had to fight for compensation for some work i did over the summer but i got it.  screw that playing nice with folks.  i took more trips with more young folks that went well even though i was exhausted and we presented on that later and the donors who granted us funds think i’m effing amazing so there’s that. and i put forward new initiatives and conducted more trainings and gave a ton of presentations which are leading to more presentations. 

i love my job, i don’t like a chunk of my coworkers.  i appreciate that no job will be perfect but save making my own ideal work situation which would be difficult at best to pull off and still take care of my family i gotta figure out what the options are for the future but i’m still looking.  so yeah work much less complicated than relationships ha.

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