Been a little while, missed you guys

Life has been a whirlwind this summer. At this point I have worked a ton more than I planned, my vacations to Amsterdam (AMAZING) and Toronto (not as much but still good for different reasons lol) have been checked off the list, I have five passport stamps thanks to a canceled flight lol, and for the first time in what feels like a millennia I remembered what it felt like to be kinda slutty. That probably won’t sound like it should be in that list but this latest round of my evolution has brought me back to a place of bad behavior that makes everyone else very very happy.

I spent a little bit of time with the Dutchman while I was in Amsterdam and a few days with Mr. Wolf in Toronto. Combining the two of them into one body may kill me but that would be such a wonderful way to die. It’s amazing to feel my will be taken from me. Prior to July it had been quite some time since I had been used and manipulated and lusted after openly. I asked to be fucked in front of the ridiculously amazing view in my hotel room and got more than I bargained for in that regard. The same was true in Toronto even though I didn’t have a specific request or a great view lol. The intense play just had to wait until after a major commitment was completed. I’m glad that was the case though because I wouldn’t have been able to sleep or sit on my ass comfortably had it been constant.

What I learned in both situations is I actively crave being a bit a of a slut. My body has a visceral reaction to being treated like a whore. And the head space that I slip into is just this side of euphoria. I imagine it’s similar to what the ambrosia on Olympus used to do to those who ate it. My mind is both clear and gone. There is no clarity except to please and receive pleasure. I love that place. If you could bottle it up for me to use on a rainy day I’d love you forever, I promise. The other thing that came from these trips which were slightly under a month apart is that I used to flit from bed to bed at will. One person was great at oral and toying with my clit until I exploded. Another was a ridiculous pleasure to ride and could fuck my ass so well that I would orgasm from that alone. Yet another was hung like a very well endowed horse and moved my internal organs around so I had fuck him twice in the same week so that everything would be in the right place. Fuck I miss his ass lol. Beyond their varying skill sets I greatly enjoyed the knowledge that my skin had to be plied and pulled and had fluids piled upon it by man after man after man.

In the last ten years I haven’t done much of that. I’ve been a good slutty girl for one person and one alone. I don’t think it impacted the relationships negatively. I was happy with those folks and enjoyed being their slut a great deal. I just kind of missed being A slut apparently. So feeling both of them inside of me, mauling at my skin and hurting me so close together has been a stellar moment in my slutty history. We’ll see who and what else is out there yet to experience.

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