I want that red velvet, I want that sugar sweet

Forgive me.  I’ve been singing that song for the last two weeks solid.  Adam Levine chose to reveal his love for me in song and that’s a beautiful thing I swear it is.  Okay all jokes aside I do have some stuff to talk about.  So you like may have only noticed a few changes around these parts.  After Blogger announced that it was going to start in on some content monitoring but left it somewhat deliberately vague I decided that it was time to relocate from it’s hallowed walls again.  I had done so once before and moved everything over to independent hosting but that host stopped working with Blogger’s FTP service and that meant a move back to Blogger even though I’ve had my own domain name for years now.

Now the initial threat was about any visual content that was deemed pornographic with no educational value the way it was worded implied that eventually ANY content that was sexually explicit could be subject to the new content rules.  I decided to move back to self hosting and hired Pauline via Etsy (JaneSkipDesigns) to help me with the move over to a new platform.  Mainly because I wanted to maintain my previous design and my old designer didn’t work with my new host.  I was able to move most of the content myself but the amount of effort it took to make the site look the same and function as it had on Blogger would have been totally off the radar for me.  I appreciate her work greatly and if you need help please look her up.

When I logged into Blogger the other day to work with my more PG blog I saw that they had momentarily reversed course and said that they would just enforce warnings for sites that were deemed adult.  I think Blogger’s change of plans is good for those that can’t move or can’t support hosting fees but the rest of us need to move on.  As someone shared in another group I’m a member of when you don’t own your domain then you start to lose control of your content.  A blogging service shut down without warning last year after being sold to someone else.  If you had years of content there that you didn’t get a chance to backup you’re essentially screwed.  A few of my favorite older blogs that had been on blogspot have made the shift over to actual domains of their own and I’ll assume self hosting as well.

It’s all about that evolution process I’m sure.  Now I need to get back to putting the uncategorized posts into something so that category in my tag cloud isn’t there.  Too bad about a third of my posts fall into that group blah.  See ya later.

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