What’s up Buttercup?

So it’s Saturday night and I’m chilling yet again.  Not a poor me post I’m actually glad to be relaxing right now.  I hit four of my five workouts this week, took mom to the doctor and shopping and even when she got annoying I managed to not leave her on the curb anywhere lol.  I have booked two trips for my personal or professional development between now and May and as soon as I can schedule a third one I shall do that as well.  There’s another that is more work based but I’ll enjoy my time away all the same.  I need to get my mother up and running on some vacations of her own but we’ll see how that goes.  All things considered my life is going well.  Thanks to Mr. Wolf I get some play time in much more often than I have in recent years.  He’s a treat most days.  Other days I worry about him.  I’m sure he worries about me some days as well though.  I’m writing again and I may have something to share soon.  And someone may need to revive that write the story with me episode.  She’s still unconscious if I remember correctly.

Other than that we are in the first wave of it’s cold for no damn reason.  At least for the moment it’s confined to cold rain and not snow but that will be on tap again soon.  Allegedly it will be as bad as last winter but that would make red very unhappy so let’s hope not.  At least this winter I have the fucking machine so I guess it wouldn’t be AS bad as last winter when I couldn’t get off and was stuck inside.  I’m sorry if you already have snow but please keep it.  This is one time you could be a fantastic friend by not sharing. 

A few more weeks and then I get a legitimate break before another busy semester starts.  Maybe I’ll be able to finish my book.  I missed my friend Lestat and haven’t had nearly enough time to digest him lately.

What’s going on with you kinky people?

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