Let’s Play Together Part 3

Where we left off….

She was tempted to unleash a torrent of insults at him but knew that wouldn’t end well so she took a moment to regroup.  She started begging as soon as she could breathe and her mind was semi clear.  He leaned against the wall, enjoying her frustration and whimpering.  He raised a finger to his lips and she went silent.  “Pick your next toy darling.”

And now we begin….

Her brain was a mix of lust and hate.  She did this internal battle each time they were together for a long weekend.  She loved what her body ended up doing but there was a fight for control she had to lose each time to feel truly sated.  She was processing what was on the tray now that it was clearly in her line of vision.  If she could just get her legs free she would feel better so she asked for the wearable vibe that he could control with his smart phone thinking he’d have to untie her to put on the panties. 

He smirked as her voice cracked in her throat and panted out that she chose the vibe.  For some reason she continued to forget that he was usually a step or two ahead of her when her head got fuzzy.  He grabbed the vibe and inserted it into the black panties that were made for the toy.  He placed it on the bed between her thighs and fingered at the rope on her right ankle and waited for her leg to jerk.  He stroked her inner thigh and watched her eyes flutter until they closed and she began to moan.  Her foot toyed in his lap trying to encourage him to free her from her bonds.  He chuckled and moved it away as he stood up.

“I’m sure you’re about to be disappointed but I’m not untying you.  Stop glaring at me.  It’s not my fault.  They upgraded the vibe and the panties a bit since I last used it on you.  Today will be quite interesting.”

He picked up the panties and unhooked the sides.  He patted her derriere and she raised up so he could slide them under her like a very sexy diaper.  The sting of humiliation was there in her gaze as he fastened her in and adjusted them so the raised edge of the vibrator was pressed firmly against her pussy and clit.  “Yes yes I know not what you were expecting.  You wanted those legs free but not this time my dear.”  He turned and walked towards the door.  “I’m going to have a bit of coffee and I know the smell bothers you so I’ll be downstairs.”

She looked petrified that she would just be left there waiting for him to return.  As his foot hit the bottom of the stairs she felt the vibe come to life.  The pattern was erratic though.  Sometimes light to nearly non existent and other times shaking her with so much force she was sure she’d break an ankle as she flailed around on the bed.  Wave of orgasms built and crested over and over again.  Her wetness betrayed her fear and she wished she understood what rhythm the vibe was operating to this morning.  Just as another thunderous orgasm began to build making her body tingle and her brain slowly forget her predicament, he reappeared in the doorway.

She didn’t completely comprehend what he was doing at first but it slowly registered why the pulsations had been all over the place since he left.  It was reacting to his voice.  When he was just breathing near the phone she got light feathery touches like he was caressing her under the table at dinner.  When it became more aggressive those were the moments he was explaining how he planned to fuck her like a bitch in heat and make her every bit the cum slut he knew her to be.  Those vague moments in the middle just seemed to be in response to him talking to the television or mumbling to himself.

Soon he was taunting her like he often did when he was fucking her and the pulse got more and more insistent.  One orgasm hadn’t fully subsided before the device leached another from her now sweat covered body.  He called her a cunt, his personal cum slut, a perfect little masochistic toy all in a rush.  When he cooed be a good little girl for daddy, her body let loose a powerful orgasm along with an extended shriek.  She didn’t get a chance to pick out the next toy though because at that very moment the orgasm rendered her unconscious.

So what should she be woken up to ladies and gents?

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