Let’s Play Together Part 2

Where we left off……..

He ran a finger up the inside of her right thigh at an agonizingly slow pace.  Her skin began to become a series of goose bumps as his finger reached into her pussy to assess her wetness.  “Such a good girl, always wet when you wake up.”  He turned his back to her to look over the table of implements he had waiting for her.  His hand never left her center and was languidly toying around her g-spot.  “What should I use on you first today slut,” he asked as his voice trailed over his shoulder.

And so we begin………

She seriously hated when she did this.  You would never be able to tell from how wet she was but that wasn’t a fair marker either.  Being near him made her wet.  Him touching her made her wet.  His fingers invading her folds made her drip.  And her she was irritated as hell while her body betrayed her yet again.  She saw a glint of something pink in his hand before he began talking again.

“Ahh this won’t hurt as much as it fucks with your brain.  The sound it makes before it makes contact with your thighs always makes you jump more than the impact.”  He pulled his fingers out of her soppy wet pussy and dried them on her thigh before he stood up.  He pulled off the jacket he had worn out to an early meeting and loosened his collar still flipping the ruler around in his other hand.  He put the ruler down in her line of vision as he unfastened the cuffs of his sleeves and rolled them up.  He knew she felt even more debased when she was nude and he wasn’t so this was an extra treat for him.

He grabbed the ruler without saying another word and in a very deliberate manner proceeded to crisscross her thighs the misappropriated school supply.  She was whining and glaring at him but nothing out of the norm for their warm ups.  When he let the ruler slip and slap her clit she yelped.  It made him smirk and she watched in slight horror as the edges of his mouth moved into a demented smile.  He alternated smacking her thighs, clit and the length of her slit in maddening fashion until she was raising her ass up to meet his blows and cursing him at the same time.  When she was on the edge of her next orgasm, he moved away from her and put the ruler back on the tray of toys.

She was tempted to unleash a torrent of insults at him but knew that wouldn’t end well so she took a moment to regroup.  She started begging as soon as she could breathe and her mind was semi clear.  He leaned against the wall, enjoying her frustration and whimpering.  He raised a finger to his lips and she went silent.  “Pick your next toy darling.”

What should she pick from the waiting tray?

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