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Hey everyone,

Not sure if you noticed but the Velvet Rope got a much needed face lift.  In the next few days and weeks I’ll be updating a few things so the site is functioning the way I want it to.  But as I know where my weaknesses are I went searching for someone that could do this for me.  Several starts and stops later someone mentioned etsy to me and after having a great time getting my Harleen Quinzel badge there a few months ago it seemed like a reasonable place to check out blog designers.  I reached out to three or four and chose the designer that seemed most receptive to my ideas and ready to get down to work.  So a huge thank you to Lauren at Teach Pray Love Designs for taking my hodgepodge of ideas and making it into something pretty and functional.  And another thank you to Shawna at for tinkering with one of her designs for me.

The side bar has pretty much everything you need to navigate the site and contacting me between postings.  Yes red has joined the twitterverse so my link is there if you want to see the crazy things that come out of my mouth.  You can also follow me on bloglovin’ and email me directly if you click that cute little envelope.  Soon the smut will be coming down or at least those linked to the book of bondage stories which may actually be nearer to reaching the light of day.  I told you I’ve been hunting for an editor and found one via twitter of all things.  I’m still deciding what level of edit I want/need but after that I will go for it finally.

There’s a new and maybe not as self explanatory option on the side bar now as well.  It’s called Get Smutty With Me and will hold the books that I’m reading or just finished reading.  They will typically be sex related at a minimum if not completely tied to BDSM as three of the current four titles are.  If you are a writer and have something I might be interested in let me know and I’ll add you to that section if I like it.

Beyond me being totally enamored of the blog I am on countdown to my first vacation that will not require me to monitor any grown individuals while I attempt to relax.  Just me about 48 hours of debauchery.  I just realized yesterday that if the debauchery goes as planned I bought a bunch of cute outfits for absolutely no damn reason.  If not or if my intended targets need a breath of fresh air I think I can put on my best Kinky Klaire mask and have at it.  All the pink in the outfit I’m envisioning is going to make me look about 12 with great tits but hopefully the gray hair convinces people I’m a grown up with great tits lol.

This will sound silly but I have been itching for a redesign for so long that this really feels like a bit of a rebirth for my smutty endeavors.  I need it to stop raining so the random fetish I have for storms (yes that does mean I get aroused when it’s raining, the harder it rains the wetter I get–seriously no pun intended there).  Tell me what you think.

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