Sunday Television, Hair Care, Mommy Detail and Sex

This will be a big rambling mess so if you read it at all you have been warned.  I had very little planned for today.  My agenda consisted of entering in grades, creating an exam and study guide, washing my hair and maybe washing some clothes.  Yeah the clothes didn’t even get looked at except in passing because my mother, who lives with me in case I haven’t mentioned that lately, saw something in the local sales paper that she just bought yesterday and was convinced that she could return it to get the difference and then buy some more of said item.  Turns out as usual when my mother sees a sale that is too good to be true she read the flipping thing wrong and wasted about 30 minutes before throwing a for real tantrum about how she wanted the incorrect item at the non sale price (it was the regular price for the model a step down from what she bought) complete with foot stomping and fist banging on the counter.  I left her there and headed to the car during which drive home it was my fault for not arguing with them about giving her the non deal.  Suffice it to say I was stressed and it was too late to hit the gym and still reasonably get my hair done before work in the morning I needed to just hide away for a while and take care of my stuff.  Which is what I ended up doing and ate one of my salads while I worked on keeping my hair nice and healthy.  Complete with modified deep conditioning because I really didn’t want to waste another hour after I got out of the shower.

So I had to figure out ways to kill time in the shower.  Shaving my legs was out since mom stole my razor.  Was already washing my hair.  Didn’t want to soak in the tub and then stand up to wash all that off.  I was about to just give up when a burst of hot water hit my clit at just the right angle.  Then it occurred to me.  I hadn’t made myself cum in the shower in a VERY long time.  Still didn’t want to get out and grab the dildo du jour so I had to grab what was handy.  Several bottle of various liquids later and I hit the thing that drove me into hyper bunny mode.  It was heaven.  And just enough time killed killing kittens to rinse my hair and get on with the rest of my day.

I totally forgot about the season premier of Once Upon a Time and how many different ways they are spinning this season.  Was confused and took me a minute to figure out what was happening with everyone.  I endured Revenge because Betrayal was coming on after that.  Now I will say now I don’t advocate cheating on your spouse and unless it’s written well I really can’t even tolerate depictions of it on tv or in movies.  For the record Unfaithful with Diane Lane (great), Mistresses (BBC America–fantastic), Mistresses (US version–hot garbage).  So while my pull was seeing Stuart Townsend be my eye candy had it been a craptastic journey I would not have been able to sit through it but I was literally pulling for him and random married lady to finally connect as they both seemed so lonely and lost in their respective lives.  Unfortunately this entanglement will be made more complicated as it must but it will be interesting.  And I realized something else today.  I am a sucker for a man with the right voice.  Stuart’s accent right now is distracting me cause I’d rather hear his normal speaking voice but there’s a certain vocal range that most of my long term significant others, playmates what not all possess save one and he was just really really talented lol.  Wonder what that says about my auditory senses and how hardwired that is to my clit?

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