And after all this time we hit post 600

Not sure how long this will be.  I’ve been meaning to write this for a few days.  After the storm fronts moved in and out I was pretty well behaved.  As I mentioned busy men have lives that don’t accommodate me being spoiled.  Plus they are no where near here so it would really just be lots of dead kittens.  With no fodder the kittens were safe, for a while anyway lol.  As soon as they started sleeping easier I got a pervy message and assumed it was from one of the other folks I had been chatting with recently.  Nope not at all.  Instead it was another former playmate who had a proposition for me.  If I would cum to see him he’d make me squirt.  It’s probably one of the only things sexually that I want to see if I can do that I haven’t already.  But alas he, like the others, is no where near here.  It did make for some playful banter and a kitten or two made it to kitty heaven but nothing long term or as intense as the last session I described for you.  That still makes me smile.

But since I have been tossing around old memories of those folks two things have happened.  I am still finding myself randomly horny when I need to be concentrating.  And when I notice it I just get wetter.  Thankfully the dress code is pretty lax otherwise I’d be soaking through my dress pants daily.  Additionally every time my nipples get exposed to any kind of air they are rock hard and sometimes painful.  That’s great if they are being twisted or being suckled on not so great if you are just trying to get undressed.  That part is confusing the mess out of me and I either need someone to get me off or I guess start wearing a new bra all the time to stop the girls from pointing at people.

Whatcha think?

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