Watching Burlesque Again

It totally appeals to my campy vintage loving self.  Of course it’s predictable but it’s got great singing and it has Stanley Tucci which in most movies means a win right there.  I know I’m romanticizing the time period and what happened during it but I love it.  I love the clothes, the hair, the music, the way people flirted or didn’t flirt as the case may be.  It all seems so safe and loving and anyone that knows me knows I want safe and loving more than anything else.  I don’t want to have to worry about what may come, if there’s comforting arms to fall into at the end of the night or if I have to compete with 70K other things to be a priority in his life.  Those aren’t the men I choose though.  They hit on most of those things but there’s always something I’m missing and I keep waiting on it but it doesn’t turn out well.  Each time it makes me miss my dad a little more but as I don’t want a hug from a zombie I can’t get a hug and sit on the couch with dad while we watch cartoons.  That went all rambling didn’t it?  I watch this movie every time it comes on like I haven’t seen it lol.  Big voices, tiny outfits, people I adore, who can ask for more?  You should watch it if you haven’t seen it, it’s funny and lovely.

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