page views, sex and general confusion

I’ve been checking my page views lately for some reason.  I’m not sure how well this is tracking since for a while the blog was hosted solely on GoDaddy until blogger did something weird with how you published that seemed more work than I felt like mustering and moved things back to blogger.  One post, that granted was full of smutty goodness, has been far outpacing the others and I’m not quite sure why.  But in looking at the page counts and referring links in I was reminded of my sugasm linking days.  I’m not even sure if sugasm is still running.  I hope it is, that was how I got to plenty of other smutty goodness.  Anyhoo, today the top referrals in took me to a post from Rachel Kramer Bussell before she left the Village Voice about women and sexuality and how we were naughty naughty things for enjoying sex and not being chaste good girls who are trying to conquer the world. 

Well of course I’m trying to conquer the world, I think I could run it better than some of the boys but I do like a good spanking every now and then.  The other thing that it made me think of that was also in the posting was the need for anonymity for women like myself.  If I were to be outed or were to out myself it would be difficult for me to do anything with my current profession.  From horny students and potentially coworkers to random unfounded judgment about my mental state it would be a wash.  Since I don’t currently have a back up plan to generate income that would be bad and potentially messy for my personal life as well because kinky aunt red may not be a good guardian or babysitter.  And therein lies the problem with the sexual politics in this country now.  If it’s beyond the realm of empowered casual sex (and that’s still pushing it) people are viewed as deviant.  I’m not talking about those that hurt others against their will or in general would make 99 percent of us go what in the hell are you doing.  I mean everything from homosexuality to bdsm to those that are enamored with their car (hey I saw it on tv, was weird but he wasn’t hurting anyone).  Anything out of the “norm” can ruin a person’s reputation and in the age of social profiles being examined before you can get a job, being public about your personal proclivities can just be a bad bad thing.  I’m not saying I should be able to walking into the office with a ball gag in place but I shouldn’t have to fear that someone will see me with my Dom and judge that relationship because it doesn’t match whatever idea they had of what my relationship would be or better yet SHOULD be.  That’s part of why I’ve considered closing the site from time to time.  I’m well hidden but one vindictive person could ruin that.  I don’t think I know any of them right now but it could happen.

I’m sure some of you are saying who cares, it’s been an eon since you posted anything smutty.  You’re right lol and I’m sorry about that but I have to say it’s because there’s no smutty inspiration.  There’s not even sappy inspiration.  That’s not to say I’m not having moments of craving or desire but I handle them and go to sleep.  I don’t even take a note of how many kittens died in the process.  For those of you unfamiliar with the kitten thing I’ll find a picture and share it before I finish the post.  I do have an idea or two floating around in my head and if I can sit down without feeling guilty about not doing something else I’ll try to get it up soon.  If you have any ideas let me know.

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