Okay so dilemmas

Not really dilemmas, i’m just trying to decide what to do with this blog. Our relationship is awfully vanilla and He’s not here. i’m still working on getting the book published but i’m sure you would hear about that eventually blog or no blog. Might be harder to pass it on but you all like your smut lol and you’re clamoring over those last four stories. i hate coming here just to vent cause that doesn’t seem fair to anyone reading. and i kinda wanna do a retro vintage housewife thing if i could EVER actually become a housewife. ok i really don’t want that, i’d shoot myself eventually. i’ve been home for the last two days and i’m thinking damn i have crap to do save mow the lawn and i’m still not in a rush to do that. i should work out but that doesn’t seem fun right now either lol.

This is the duck i made for dinner, was delicious but now i don’t want it anymore lol. i woke up not wanting anything i cooked yesterday. But i kinda wanna share stuff like that too. How my weight loss is going, my healthy hair journey and the like with photos of yours truly as i move from one phase to the next but that would be breaking a long standing tradition here because of the prior content and current profession and private life. ahh well i’ll keep thinking on it. hope everyone had a great holiday and a good time shopping if you went out today.

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