red is green

well i’m not blue at this stage. i’m not bright and sunny yellow but i’m feeling a lot better than i did when i wrote the post yesterday. we had a long talk and still not thrilled but sorta like the last time He left, a wave of this is just where we are hit me last night as we talked. we slept pretty well and had a decent “i’ll see ya later” this morning–He doesn’t like saying good bye in these situations lol. i managed to make it through the day with minimal tears–just a smidgen when i was walking to the car this morning to head to work. it’s hard being in bed by myself don’t get me wrong, but He did His best to reassure me that things would be okay. and i came home to find a present in bed. Daddy Bear is laying on His side of the bed. He doesn’t give off heat and he can’t hug but it’s a cute gesture all the same. i’m going to try to nurture the bit of hope and faith that exists in my body and reinforce our home on this end and try to wait patiently for His return. as for now, gotta decide if i’m gonna sit under the dryer or hope my hair is dry in the morning. i hate the dryer so i’m probably just gonna pray about it and hope i don’t have to flat iron in the morning. i didn’t want to lose the routine just because i’m a little upset so i should go work out a bit before i get in bed too. see ya all later


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