Vanishing Acts

Sorry ladies and gents. i know there aren’t a ton of you reading still but there are some that swing by. i have been having more health issues lately and they have been tearing me up emotionally and physically. All i really want to do when i’m feeling bad is sleep and that’s not the most ideal choice. i’m making it to work barely and taking care of things around the house as i can. Thankfully Daddy is very attentive and keeps an eye on me. i’m only up now because the medicine may have triggered a new side effect and caused some unanticipated bleeding. He insisted i go to the emergency room which i did and they can’t fix it but did encourage me to see the GI like i had planned on doing. i’m just waiting for that to be set up by my PCP. It’s exhausting feeling bad and not having a clue what is going on and it’s making me feel useless sometimes. i haven’t been keeping up with friends the way i want to either because really i have nothing to say but woo i’m sick lol. i’ll try to do better with updates but i’m worried now and i don’t really like that feeling. oh well at least mom is away visiting my niece so she’s not hovering too. don’t look forward to telling her about it though. night all, and please let me know what’s going on with you guys.

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