sorry for the delay

i’ve been meaning to post just like i’ve been meaning to write a friend back for the last few weeks. i haven’t gotten around to either because it feels like i’m coming out out of a fog. i finally went to the doctor and think we have fixed the initial thing that was causing most of my distress over the last year. they gave me something to fix something that they probably screwed up in the first place. i also got something for my migraines and a little bit of something for the pain that comes with them. however yesterday in the middle of day 2 of a migraine i took all the medication i was supposed to and it just made me sick. ended up watching it all come back out which was so not attractive. and at that moment Daddy was very sweet and good at taking care of me. He is very good at taking care of me when He knows what’s wrong. and i can’t expect Him to fix what i don’t even know is wrong lol. i try not to but hey i’m not always perfect.

this whole living together thing still takes some getting used to, hell being together still takes some getting used to. we had a conversation the other day about how we show each other that we care and the things i need don’t look anything like the things He needs. i probably seem needy to Him and maybe i am but it’s how i’m made i guess. i just feel like right now i need this thing from Him i can’t really name and since i can’t name it i can’t ask for it. it’s slightly driving me nuts because i’m not used to not being able to speak something into being. i’m used to having more control over myself and right now i’m just all out of sorts. i don’t like it very much.

on a totally unrelated note, go see Public Enemies. Johnny Depp does a fantastic job and i wasn’t nearly as annoyed by Christian Bale as I thought I would be. and if you like music from that time period there is a great soundtrack, it most definitely aided the movie in parts and is worth having. ok i’m done for now. i’ll be back soon i think.

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