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okay folks, it’s been a long strange week. i was in a car accident last Friday. i wasn’t injured just a little sore and more than anything annoyed about my car. i found out a couple of days ago they were going to total it which is annoying but it was incredibly close to being paid off and since someone rear ended me i won’t have to pay the deductible. i’m gonna start looking for a new car sunday maybe. i’ve been on call so the last week hasn’t allowed my brain to do much processing on that. unless they cut a HUGE check i’m gonna get something else used and just hope to get my payments back to where they were.

i’m probably gonna go to bed early tonight because i have to take mom to the airport in the morning. that wouldn’t be a huge deal but the closest airport to us is extra special HIGH to fly out of unless you are flying into certain markets. so we’re doing a two hour trek–let me rephrase i’m doing a four hour trek–to get her off to see her granddaughter. i know i’ll be exhausted tomorrow afternoon but the house will be quiet and i can run around naked again. she is complaining about everything and threatening not coming back again and after the last few fights we’ve had i truly don’t care. she doesn’t respect me or my time and didn’t ask to do 99 percent of what she’s asked for in the last 96 hours in the weeks prior to this when i wasn’t nearly as busy. today after i got in from work and clearing out the car (which really shouldn’t be traumatizing but it is) she has another list of things she wants to do. i say i’m tired and no i don’t want to take her then. she thinks of three other things and asks again and then stares at me when i again say no.

i used to feel bad about that but really nothing i do is ever enough which annoys me. i have been late getting home three of the last five days because of her but me wanting to rest tonight is being selfish in her eyes. i gave her half of the food someone was nice enough to treat me to at work and she comes to ask for the stuff i was planning to eat myself. had i said no she would have stared at me again lol like how dare i tell her no. i’m really tired tonight and i really miss those arms.

see ya later

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  1. Its a shame that your mother is emotionally black mailing you. Unfortunately she comes from an era of mothers that feel as if there children owe them something. She loves you but sometimes confuses the application of love. At some point you’ll have to make a decision to move out on your own.

  2. and i hear what you are saying but i don’t live with her, after a series of medical issues i take care of her here. i couldn’t just put her out but as she keeps throwing tantrums it’s getting easier to handle her taking care of herself and falling on her butt.

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