inner demons=better people/product

this post may ramble a bit so you’ve been warned lol. for the last few weeks i’ve been listening to the amy winehouse cd that i checked out from the library. i love our library you can check out anything damn near and keep it for at least a week if not more with no major issues. that’s off tangent though. i really didn’t pay much attention to amy beyond rehab which i loved and i think posted the video here at some point. i mean the song was hilarious to me primarily because of what i do for a living but still funny regardless of that. i figured if it sucked i’d drop it back off at the library and call it a day like i do with cds i don’t like. instead i came home and took advantage of my 5 for 1 deal with bmg. not that i was even a blip in my mother’s brain at the time but amy’s cd reminds me of old Motown music which was full of emotion and good backing music that properly conveyed the sentiment it was reaching for. this is off tangent as well but friends of mine as well as music writers remarked this year that the best “black/urban/soul” whatever you want to call them cds this year were created by non-black artists (another invasion of the blue eyed soul singers lol–check out robin thicke) that were really talented and not just the new pop sugary thing. okay back on tangent. amy has put together a nice little collection of music. however, amy has MASSIVE issues. she’s had a rehab stint this year for “exhaustion”, has been hammered on stage, spits on fans and is overall in need of help. she’s not really a sympathetic character but she doesn’t really seem to want that. she just wants to be accepted for who she is, so it appears, and for the most part we have. there’s no pop backlash primarily because she’s always appeared as a boozing, hard living, type of chick. we look at her and go she needs help to conquer her demons but we don’t expect her to do it anytime soon and let’s face it we can excuse a lot of crap when people are doing something we like or appreciate. which leads me to the point of this post. some of our most gifted actresses, actors, musicians, artists, and the like have had some of the strangest issues and the most flawed personalities . we overlook them until it’s nearly too late because the product is always pretty good.

and i believe that when we fight off our demons and get past them we are usually better off for it. but do we have to let people suffer so long to get there? is it a matter of we know someone isn’t ready so there is no need to push? or is it a fear that the work produced will somehow suffer when they aren’t looking for approval through the eyes of others? i’m not sure really no matter how many times i’ve tossed it around in my head. i’m not perfect by any means. i have had an assortment of issues that i’ve mostly dealt with at this point lol but i can’t say it’s had a profound impact on my life right now. i work a little harder on some things than others and i sometimes do more than i might otherwise for people who remind of where i used to be. but no one is watching me with adoring eyes. well one person will be lol but not millions of folks.

when are the demons too much ladies and gents? when do we force someone to change or leave them to their own devices?

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