da da da da da da da

clearly i’m bored lol. nothing is going on here right now. i am watching wwe smackdown for a change–normally we don’t have the cw so this is just odd. the channel the cd is on is normally a preview channel. the network doesn’t seem to have a perpetual slot just yet but whatever. all i really need is friday night from 7 to 9 and i’m good. i don’t watch most of the cw programming lol. and i’ve actually been happy because it meant i couldn’t be drawn into top model viewing parties. i think she’s just weird now lol.

i love the library, grabbed a bunch of books to look over before i decide which ones to buy and enjoyed amy winehouse on the way home. she got some issues but the cd is nice. i was kinda hoping kanye and 50 went double nickel so i could get rid of both of them but oh well. mostly i’ve just been feeling kinda crappy and wondering what was wrong with my car. i dropped it off today and missed lunch as a result but 100 bucks later all i needed was a new battery and it was ready to go when i got off work. i even did something nice for mom before i came home and took some necessary drugs. they did let me drive a nice shiny sante fe which short of having me feeling like i was up entirely too high was nice. i didn’t drive it like i would my baby because well it isn’t mine but i might test drive it when i finally decide to get rid of my car.

other than not feeling good, i’ve been just kinda blah. i’ve been playing on my dolly site (http://www.stardoll.com) and entertaining myself with that. i haven’t been able to tell Him that i passed yet which kinda sucks. hopefully we can talk this weekend. all right i have a new letter picked out for smut–the letter m–as soon as i get another burst of inspiration–maybe i’ll watch mr and mrs smith–i’ll get to work on it. okay see ya and Night Owl i hope you feel better.

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