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there’s nothing much to tell you. life is good here mostly. i am off call thank god. i slept great last night but i am still feeling sleepy more often than not as of late. if it was possible to get pregnant by a man thousands of miles away then i might be worried but since i know it’s not then i’m just going to go with i’m probably having another anemic spell. i don’t have a lot going on which is good as well. mommy and me are having a good time for a change. she’s still crazy but right now it’s the funny crazy instead of the annoying crazy. i haven’t heard from my soldier in a little while and that always makes me nervous as all get out but i’m trusting that He’s okay.

this other thing has happened that is surprising but comforting. i’ve started telling people other than those incredibly close to the me about converting. everyone has been really supportive and by off chance i came into my office and ran into a former African American colleague who i didn’t know to be Catholic. in the process of these conversations another thing i didn’t know came up as well. apparently there are other Black Catholics in town just not in my immediate area and not necessarily where i would be having my conversion classes. but that did make me feel better for some reason. anyhoo i found a new quiz that i’m not sure how i feel about. i mean in one way i am uber traditional in some aspects of my romantic life but i’m not seeing my wedding as rather traditional–you know what never mind i just thought about it and really it is save the color scheme.

oh well i’m done typing for now. have a good one boys and girls.

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  1. i think i can handle beautiful bride piece. i just hope i can make it as far through my ceremony without bawling as my sister in law did. otherwise no one will be able to understand me at all.

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