i’m just tired

the end of the post has lyrics to a song that has been stuck in my brain for the last 90 minutes or so. if you have seen blazing saddles then you will totally get the whole sound of it. if you haven’t seen it, well damn it go see it. it’s been a busy month already and plenty left to do. i’m leaving work early tomorrow to get my hair done but that little excursion aside i’m supposed to go to a work party after that, have sorority meeting and gathering on saturday and mom is leaving on sunday. now i will likely be riding the big toy after she leaves but until then i’m on a schedule not of my own choosing. then the damn post office has lost the box i was sending to Roaming Soldier. it took me two weeks to even get them to take the damn claim and then after someone finally called me back they were like ohhh we can’t really look for it until a month has passed. why the fuck would i want the box back then? pardon my language but that is just foolishness. so i am already putting a new box together for Him and will send it out probably on Monday. but the mail He has been sending me isn’t getting here either. i could go on this long tangent about how someone at the post office hates me but that would just take more energy than i’m willing to expend. it just makes me very sad and makes me miss Him more. okay i’m gonna stop now before i get more mopey than i am right now.

Here I stand, the goddess of Desire,
set men on fire,
I have this power,
morning noon and night it’s drink and dancing,
some quick romancing,
and then a quick shower,
stage door johnnies always surround me,
they always hound me,
with one request,
who can satisfy their lustful habits,
I’m not a rabbit!
I need some rest!

I’m tired,
sick and tired of love,
I’ve had my fill of love,
from below and above,
tired of being admired,
tired of love uninspired,
let’s face it,
I’m tired!

I’ve been with 1000’s of men,
again and again,
they promise the moon,
they always coming and going,
going and coming,
and always too soon!
Right girls?

I’m tired,
tired of playing the game,
ain’t it a crying shame?
I’m so tired,
God dammit I’m tired!

Hello cowboy, what’s your name?
Tex ‘mam
Tex ‘mam ? Tell me Tex’mam, are you in show business?
We’ll then why don’t you get your freaking feet off here
La ha
Ah ha he hu…
Hello handsome, is that a 10 gallon hat? Or are you just enjoying the show?
Ah ha ah…
Oh miss lilly, oh my laby, oh my pussy cat, put it there baby, put it… ohhhhh

I’m tired,
tired of playing the game,
ain’t it a crying shame,
I’m so tired

she’s tired
-she’s tired
sick and tired of love
-give her a break
she’s had her fill of love
-she’s not a snake
from bellow and above
-can’t you see she’s sick?
-she’s bushed
tired of being admired
-let her alone
tired of love uninspired
-get off the phone
she’s tired
-don’t you know she’s pooped?

I’ve been with 1000’s of men,
again and again,
they sing the same toon,
the start with Byron and Shelly,
and jump on your belly,
and bust your ballon!
tired of playing the game,
ain’t it a freakin shame,
I’m so…
let’s face it,
everything below the waste is kapput!

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