i love this song and i miss Him

i don’t have a lot to say tonight. it was a long day, productive but long. still no sign of the box and no sign of the letters He sent. i did get another letter calling me dr. velvet which made me scratch my head again. it’s just random and it will take some getting used to. don’t get me wrong i’m glad to be done but it’s a little anti-climatic. it’s been a huge focus and weight on my shoulders for five years and now in eight days i’ll be in a fluffy hat and velvety sleeved robe waiting for my uber long hood to be put around my neck and draped down my back. ok that was so off tangent it is out of control. but really nothing much is going on red velvet land. i really just want to go to sleep and wake up with Him but since that won’t be happening i’ll just go back to vegging out until i put mom on a plane tomorrow.

love ya all

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