i can’t even begin to explain

…..the world at large. it’s an interesting place to be sure and this whole last few years has been a wonderful awakening for me. i mean i have come to know two totally different men who gifted me with different things. and in one i truly feel like i have found my center and my home. i could be totally wrong. in two years i may be single and pissy but for the first time in my life i don’t think i have the inside track on how to screw up my relationship. i mean i know when i doing those “things” that annoy and cause havoc. sometimes i do it on purpose (several relationships back) and sometimes i do it out of fear but i always know. as a result, i have curtailed all the things i would normally do when i want some attention and the man of my affection can’t give it to me. it’s a notorious cycle, it started my whole “you can be replaced” mantra, but as i have gotten older and slightly more grown up i realize that even those that can be replaced shouldn’t always be. and in this case He certainly couldn’t be. yes there are other tall sadistic Doms in the world but none like mine. i was listening to ms. jill in the car again and she summizes what i’m thinking quite well. i got something bedda at home (yeah i know He’s not home right now but He will be soon enough). i’m sure if there was more temptation around i MIGHT struggle with it but that’s not been a huge issue here lol. that’s what porn and vibrators are for at the moment. okay i’m babbling, enjoy the rest of your weekend.


He’s the kind that breaks it down
And curls my toes, woo woo woo baby ow
He’s the kind that loves my mind and feeds my soul
And I love it baby

His intellect and outer respect, makes me wanna crawl
And be my best
And I know…
He loves his baby

He sense of self and silliness
Makes the hardest things
The simplest and I look but don’t touch
Never know baby

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