The Honeymoon Part V

They stirred in the bed around the same time. The night took more out of both of them than they could have expected. It was nearly lunch time and they were both starved. she ordered room service and readied the shower. He stretched out in the bed until He heard her call to Him that the water was ready. she got the door when the food arrived then returned to the bathroom. He pulled her into the water with Him and washed her hair again. she loved the feeling of His hands in her hair. she sighed and her head sank against His chest. she felt the conditioner slink into her hair and then His fingers trail over her neck. His grip tightened a bit and she hoped He’d keep the pressure building. her head was back under the water and then she was just standing letting the steam fall off of her. He handed her a towel and then walked into the bedroom. He dried off, put on a pair of thin sweats and walked into the kitchen. she braided her hair and tied it together with a scrunchie. she slipped into a simple maroon cotton shift and joined Him in the kitchen. They ate in silence but looked over the table at one another with lust filled eyes everytime they finished savoring a bite to eat. she finished off her juice while He finished off the fruit He had been enjoying. He looked toward the bedroom and she walked there immediately. There would be no games today, just the two of them enjoying one another until the sunset and they passed out.

she was sitting on the bed when He got there. He stood her up and pulled the straps of the shift down her arms. When it fell past her breasts He leaned down and took her nipples into His mouth. her hands grabbed His elbows while she got lost in the sensation. The sucking turned painful and then into soft bites. He left the straps of the shift drop and then slid His hands between her thighs. He stroked her pussy and clit. she sighed again and then gave Him the look. He smiled at her but let her wait. He felt her thighs start to quiver and then He just stopped. she was left there standing with a throbbing center and with the warm air caressing her slick nipples. she was so close to having an orgasm that she was tempted to just finish herself off while He was away but if He caught her then she would be in a world of trouble. He grabbed the toy bag from the closet and sat it on the dresser. He said strip while busying Himself in the bag. The shift was on the floor in a few seconds. He glanced over His shoulder and smiled. Short of sucking her finger, she was being perfectly still. Normally, He’d feel an urge to just bend her over, make her grab her ankles and fuck her stupid. But He tucked that urge away and pulled out Him, a light crop and three knives. He placed them on the nightstand and then went back to the bag. He grabbed the metal cuffs and walked over to her. He kissed her sweetly, spun her around and cuffed her wrists. He kissed her shoulders and then placed her face down on the bed. He spread her legs and massaged her slit. When she was good and wet, Him slid between her folds as He watched. He always appreciated this vantage point. He like watching her body adjust to Him, watching her squirm and cum uncontrollably around His proxy. As soon as the shudder passed through her, He removed Him and shoved it between her lips. It would act as her gag for the rest of the day.

He grabbed two of the knives and started pulling them along her back. When He got to her bound arms the knives pressed in a little deeper until He heard her moan. He repeated the procedure up her back. He did it again and again until He was nearly drawing blood. When He was satisfied with that He dropped the two knives and picked up the third. He placed it flat against her pussy and let the trembling start again. she came quickly and soaked the knife. He smoothed it on her ass and rubbed in the wetness. she jumped a little until He slapped her ass and made her be still. The blows from the crop started easy enough. No more than one or two on any area of her skin that was expose to Him. They came faster and with more force before she could prepare her mind. Before long Him was out of her mouth and she was whimpering. she was ready to beg Him to fuck her and He knew it so He stopped the cane from raining down on her. He stood up and put everything on the night stand onto the dresser next to the bag. He uncuffed her wrists and rolled her over onto her pulsating back. The pressure itself was a bit more than her senses could entertain but the clover clamps being fastened to her nipples and clit snapped her back into reality very quickly. He was going to hurt her today. The clamps were digging in to her flesh while He grabbed and manipulated the skin around them. Feeling His tongue lap at her nipples made her writhe beneath Him. His fingers slowly worked their way into her pussy again. she looked at Him almost pleading for Him to be inside her now. He ignored her again and stopped. The lack of attention on her clit and tits didn’t stop them from aching. He walked back over to her and slid a large vibrating metal ball inside her pussy. It was in the same vein as the nice vibrating eggs but big enough to really make her moan. Well that is if He didn’t plan on fucking her mouth right then. He was careful to leave a bit of string visible so that He could go after it once her pussy was done pulling it further inside her. He rolled her over onto her stomach without taking off the clamps. The pain was immediate but it was tempered by the ball starting to shimmy inside her. her jaw dropped open and He took the opportunity to slide His dick inside her lax mouth. she immediately focused on His dick and created a near vacuum lock on it. her movements were slow and deliberate and He easily matched her pace. her lips folded around Him and caressed His rod to a near painful stiffness. her tongue slid back and forth along His shaft until He was ready to explode. He grabbed her ponytail and pumped her mouth until He unloaded down her throat. she wasn’t surprised He didn’t soften and she looked up pleading at Him yet again. He toyed around with the idea of fucking her with the ball inside her but He didn’t want to have to explain that to the local doctor if they couldn’t retrieve it or get through the metal detector on the way back home. He placed a hand on the small of her back to brace Himself once He’d moved between her legs. The string didn’t seem all that sturdy so as many of His fingers as would manage slid inside her and around the ball and tugged quickly until it was out. He took off the clover clamps and stared at her for a moment.

“Are you sure this is what you want baby?”

“yes, Daddy.”

He picked up a paddle from the bag and made her stand. she lay across His lap and raised her ass up a bit. He spanked her gently at first, smoothing the blows into her ass before striking again. Then without hesitation they got so intense she started crying. He spanked her silent and then waited on her breathing to return to normal. He placed her on her back then, warmed ass seeking out comfort from the soft sheets and then spread her legs. He was inside her but only enough to make her inch toward Him in desperate need for the rest of Him. He shoved no more than an inch or two of Himself inside her for nearly ten minutes. her eyes immediately glazed over when He finally gave her all of Him. The minute that occurred His hands wrapped around her throat as they had earlier. This time there was no hesitation. The grip tightened the harder He fucked her. soon she was gasping for air and beating at His arms. she would have appeared to be in distress to anyone watching but her pussy was so wet and fluid around Him that He couldn’t stop yet. her wetness absorbed Him entirely and kept tugging at Him until He unleashed another torrent inside her. she came the second He released His grip.

“thank You Daddy,” she murmured while He tried not to rest His full weight upon her. They rested like that for quite a while before He felt her pussy grab at Him again. He pulled her on top of Him and watched her globes bounce up and down as she rode Him. she leaned backwards and supported herself with her arms. He flicked at her clit making her buck on top of Him repeatedly. she came without Him and then found herself on her tummy with her ass up in the air. His violation was quick and forceful but the stroking seemed to go on forever. He pulled her arms back toward Him and helped her slam against Him when she got tired. she begged Him to fuck her harder, to use her as He pleased, take His pleasure from her aching flesh so He did, repeatedly, until He could no longer stand. The last nut wasn’t as large as the previous ones but she felt full all the same. she whimpered again as He pulled out of her. she was in a daze but followed Him where He led. They were back in the shower when she came to her senses. He was soaping them both up and when she was nice and fresh again, He wrapped her up in a towel and took her back to bed. He ordered a light meal and a bottle of champagne. They ate in bed and watched the stars twinkle. she curled up between His thighs while He was discussing the plans for the next day so she heard only half of them but smiled at Him until He lay down with her and gave her what she wanted. Bottle securely in place, He played in her hair until they were both out for the night.

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