look who’s a whole year old!!!

okay so really it’s like a year and a week at this point as i totally spaced on what day in august the Velvet Rope was actually started. nevertheless, my one year anniversary in the blog world has come upon me. i wasn’t planning anything particularly interesting to be sure. i was thinking i’d hit 30K hits around the anniversary and instead i’m hovering around 34K. i thought that maybe i’d put up a picture of my bottom but all the good ones are with someone else and i’d rather wait till Roaming Soldier got home to take anymore. it’s amazing how much lovelier your body looks when someone else takes the photos lol.

a year ago i was getting my feet wet in the lifestyle. i was getting to know and enjoy someone that led me down a most interesting path. we took different journeys when we hit the fork in the road. i wish him well on his journey and i have been walking hand in hand with a new companion for the last six months or so. i can milk an analogy can’t i lol. anyhoo. the scenery on this road has been a lot more stable, nurturing, enriching, funny and stimulating. it has blessed me with a whole new depth to my submission and my plans for the future. of course it has increased my smut output as you can readily see and the most important thing of all of that is it has made me quite happy. as if you all didn’t know it before i am wonderfuly in love and making plans for a very pleasant welcome home. the blog of course has had a very sexy and needed facelift. thanks to mija for bearing with me through the redisign and domain transfer. it’s all moving along quite nicely now.

i am totally unsure of what the next year will bring for your faithful blogging subbie girl. while nothing is promised in this life, i’m 99.9999999% sure that the current cast of characters will be around then. someone remind me next august 5th to say happy anniversary to myself lol.

love ya

ps enjoy the clip, the singing is in english, have no idea what they are speaking

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